This is my journey in creating concepts, writing, illustrating, finding a literary agent, and becoming a published children's book author and illustrator for the picture book genre.

Friday, January 25, 2013

starting a new page.

I feel drawn to this character that I have created. Here is a new page of illustration that I have started. I am not sure if it is a winner yet, but it is still in the works. I will work on it some more tomorrow.

Monday, January 21, 2013

i apologize for the lack of posts

I have been sick. I can not draw or post write now. It is as if all my creativity has gone astray and all I am left with is a nasty sinus virus. I apologize for the lack of posts. I will be back shortly after I have recovered. I hope you all are well!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

sketching an entry

I am trying to perfect my sketch of the Krumpy and answer all the details that needs to be said about the little guy. The Krumpy is wise and offers good advice...

Next stage is color. I like to layer color and detail. Imagination allows for freedom of color. Here is where the real work begins.

After detail with water and pastels, this may be the start of ten pages in preparation for my grant. I am sure I will add more detail as I find areas that could use more work. It happens when you continue to stare at a picture long enough.

Monday, January 14, 2013

The Don Freeman Grant

The Don Freeman grant: a grant that is given to aspiring author/ illustrators. Hey! I am aspiring and I write and illustrate children's stories!  One winner will win 2000 dollars towards their project. The runner up will be awarded 500 dollars. In truth, anything will help this aspiring author. As I looked over the paperwork, the tears began to well up in the corners of my eyes. The salty stream that flowed down the side of my cheek was a watery symbol of dreams and aspirations that my heart holds so tightly and has for several years now. It is an accumulation of strictly talent based ambitious fortitude dusted in dark voice of self debilitating, sabotaging words of all things prohibitive in my chances to succeed. It comes from a dark place rooted in the back of my mind creeping upward to dispel its brutal words of defeat. I ponder what my abilities lack instead of what they afford towards my achievements in writing. It is at this moment in my mind that I sit at an empty screen and question the possibilities. Where do I start? I am no longer fighting the shadows; I am embracing the unknown opportunities that have been graciously bestowed to me on behalf of my curiosity (a.k.a. google). "No" is just a word. The only power granted by its negativity is the power I grant it.
Eligibility states that this grant is open to members of both levels as long as the book is not under contract.  The money has to be used to help you complete your project. It can be used for conferences, childcare, purchasing art supplies, courses for writing, travel for research, and so much more. This works for me. I really want to attend the conference in LA come August.  I need photoshop elements, an e course, and a computer and scanner that would run it and allow me to make dummies in my home. I have a good list of how I would use the grant money.
Let's talk deadline. Well, that is quickly finding its way to impending submission of materials required. In other words, "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH". You get the idea. Deadlines freak me out. It is that "get 'er done" time.  Submissions may be submitted Feb 15- March 15. There are two possible outlines for submission procedure. Both offer their challenges. Only one entry per author.
Now, the fun part. As this sounds achievable, it is also a bit scary. There is more of a chance of rejection that acceptance in submitting for this grant. What is my career background? Oh, awesome. It has NOTHING to do with writing. Luckily, Mr. Zepeda ( helped me develop away to connect the two when writing my bio. In truth, I loved my composition classes in undergrad. That is when I realized that I could write. In High school, my writing skill sets were thought to be non existent. The lesson there is that High school won't define you. It is just another step on the road of growing up. Without experiences, we are boring, colorless creatures living in the mundane. Each human has a story, a hardship, and a life changing experience. Some are worse than others, but that is only subjective to the party who is critiquing.

Nothing says drive and passion like perseverance! So, ladies and gents, let the art and writing continue. Please wish me luck. Pics of my work are to follow in later blogs on this page. Please continue to follow me as I continue to aspire to be a children's book author!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Goal oriented girl!

That is me! I have had my membership to SCBWI for a few months now. I am not going to lie, it is BEYOND intimidating. I look at all of the members and think, "I am not worthy". I feel a bit amateur in comparison to others that talk about their work; they are published and have a career. I have this overwhelming feeling of inferiority. I doodle and write. On occasion a compliment will come my direction and excite me. The truth of it is that I don't know if I am any good at what I do. I aspire. My want and drive to succeed is strong. This is who I am. I am an author with dreams of creating more. My work is a reflection of me and my personal history. In my youth, books were my salvation. Imagination was my retreat. In order to continue on this path, I need to immerse myself in the environment that I see myself belonging to. It is scary, mind you. I am an incredibly shy individual and incredibly insecure about the work I do. In truth, aren't all artists? Subjectivity is the only objective truth in art. Opinion is the whole basis of its success.
I have a new goal to help me achieve the next step in my aspiration to be a represented and published author.
It is time to work towards a grant. I would like to get a new computer, high quality scanner, and Photoshop program that will enable me to do more with my art. I would also like to take a class or attend a workshop. It isn't cheap. These tools are necessary though.
This is the grant that I am going to apply for. Cross your fingers and toes for me. As I work towards the entry requirements, I will post them for you to see.
As always, I am an aspiring children's book author with a huge dream!

Monday, January 7, 2013

bringing back the old.

And the Krumpies whistle in the Snitzle Thistle to bring about the springtime bloom.
I feel that some children's books are focused on the computer generated, current style art. I miss the art and sketched type illustrations of old.  Beatrix Potter's style was imaginative, sweet, and reflective of where my imagination would bring me. That is my style. It is an imaginative, dream like, full color art. I work it out with a pencil and eraser. My colors come from water, acrylic, or pastels. Sometimes I combine them. Here is my latest piece in water color. I have never had any formal training, but I draw and write from what I imagine. I hope you like it. My boys love it. Stories come from this place of rhyme and imagination. As I discover what I am as an author, my perspective changes with it. It isn't all about Emily Post and her teachings. I think it is a far simpler concept of just being the best person you can be. Dr Seuss gave us adventure in fun through rhyme and art. His whimsy and ability to make nonsensical words read like perfect English was beyond a small feat. It was ground breaking in the world of children's literature.He mastered the "read aloud" and the "read to me" style writing. He was and is still a house hold name.
Although he is long gone, I consider him to be a mentor. He was rejected by many and published by friend as a favor. He never gave up. More than one hundred "no's" to his Mulberry Street. I am up to thirty plus. Each no breaks my heart a little. Truth of it is that those responses have fueled my creativity. My aspirations are huge and I have no problem working for what needs to be done. I am still trying to find my way. I think Andy needs a little rest for now. the Krumpies want a turn for center stage. I am writing their story and have 3 styles of artwork to illustrate their adventures.
For now, I am still aspiring. Please feel free to follow me on facebook.

Friday, January 4, 2013

chronicles of Abernathy, the last Soch witch

and so begins the Chronicles of Abernathy. Here is an excerpt from my future writings and story telling...

In a dreamy time, one not so long ago, our worlds faded from many into one against a common foe. We gathered together; hands bound by loyalty and time. What we faced ahead was more than an evil crime. The black masses of airless mist invaded our homes as evil hissed. Our protectors were taken from their beds that long and endless night.This was the start of the interdimensional fight. Gates were closed and magic lost. One world became many at a great cost.
Our worlds, including yours, are dependent upon the Soch core crystal. This crystal maintains our worlds' dimensional walls; both apical and distal. Please allow me to share in what ignorance has kindly afforded. These planes, once accessed by all, have been magically boarded. Imagine a world of worlds shared by many. To travel, all one must do is pay homage with a penny.
This isn't the copper that you may know. In the light, one's true intentions will show. A party, a picnic, or even a dance, intentions are known with only a glance. Once they were common and now not so. This is where my story must go. You are reading this now. Hope is more than a prayer.. I know that it is you who truly will care.
In your heart, you are true. I offer this as your first clue. To find me, you must believe. Our existence is where the lies and truth weave.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

This sounds fun!

Embarking on a new road is always scary. Are there bumps, knubs, and barking krumps hiding in the dusty prairie? Will the road circle wide and spin on its narrow side? Please, another cup of ginger pop will make the swirly twirly spinning stop. Far behind and nearly near is where the krumpies will appear. They hide in a snitzzle thistle bed and yell out, "Go to sleep, Fred".  If that is scary, wait some more. It is here, in the snitzzle thistle, that tub Knubs whistle. They play a tune on their trickle trunk nose. A tune is plunked with their pickle sunk toes. If you don't know what I mean, you have not met the krumpy teen. They sleep till noon and eat day and night. They bark at the sun and wait for last light. They are here and sometimes there. Seeing a barky Krump teen can be rare.
Watch out out for those Barking Krumpies. They are full of the mad and grumpies. Surprise! They will get you and bite your toes. watch out! Next, the Krumpies will get your nose.
Sometimes, it is the crazy things that speak the loudest. I dream in rhyme. I speak in words to dazzle and amaze my boys while speaking of a lesson at the end of the thought. What is a barking krump? Look above and you will see! that is what a krumpy is to me. Who knows, really. It is all in my head. We live in a realm of possibility when the batteries die and the toy stands still. It becomes a voice all our own. That is the magic I miss the most. It is the magic of childhood dreams and imagination.