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Thursday, January 3, 2013

This sounds fun!

Embarking on a new road is always scary. Are there bumps, knubs, and barking krumps hiding in the dusty prairie? Will the road circle wide and spin on its narrow side? Please, another cup of ginger pop will make the swirly twirly spinning stop. Far behind and nearly near is where the krumpies will appear. They hide in a snitzzle thistle bed and yell out, "Go to sleep, Fred".  If that is scary, wait some more. It is here, in the snitzzle thistle, that tub Knubs whistle. They play a tune on their trickle trunk nose. A tune is plunked with their pickle sunk toes. If you don't know what I mean, you have not met the krumpy teen. They sleep till noon and eat day and night. They bark at the sun and wait for last light. They are here and sometimes there. Seeing a barky Krump teen can be rare.
Watch out out for those Barking Krumpies. They are full of the mad and grumpies. Surprise! They will get you and bite your toes. watch out! Next, the Krumpies will get your nose.
Sometimes, it is the crazy things that speak the loudest. I dream in rhyme. I speak in words to dazzle and amaze my boys while speaking of a lesson at the end of the thought. What is a barking krump? Look above and you will see! that is what a krumpy is to me. Who knows, really. It is all in my head. We live in a realm of possibility when the batteries die and the toy stands still. It becomes a voice all our own. That is the magic I miss the most. It is the magic of childhood dreams and imagination. 

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