This is my journey in creating concepts, writing, illustrating, finding a literary agent, and becoming a published children's book author and illustrator for the picture book genre.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Frozen Arctic Tundra on Northwest Georgia

I have been distracted by all the weather and illness going through the house. I have three boys and they attend an independent school in Northwest Georgia that my husband works at. It is a small school and illness continue to be passed around at high and frequent rate. Then came the storm that i have titles, "the Georgian Snowpocolypse 2014. It wasn't supposed to hit us or predicted to gently graze our area. Well, the storm blew northward of Atlanta and slaughtered us in snow and ice.  I was fortunate to get home as the snow began to stick and the wind began to howl. We watched the weather from indoors. The streets were full of cars sliding off into ditches, parked cars without people inside, and police escorting people out of their vehicles and into stores. The school here kept kids from the Atlanta area and rural areas in the dorms for a night or two. Staff workers slept on couches in faculty offices and the health center. We played in the snow but kept ourselves humbled by the news events occurring.
Last night, we decided to venture out and grab dinner at a restaurant. We tried 4 places that all closed before sundown due to possible ice. We finally found a quaint Mexican place that was open. The downside; no heat! So, we ate at this place in our best snow gear. We found ourselves eating quickly in fear that our food would fall to the same fate as our finger tips. After our meal, we skated home on sheets of ice at a whopping 10 miles an hour. After we made our way through the frozen tundra of Arctic Georgia, I sat down to some paints and worked a bit more. This piece is ready for the details that will make it shine. HOORAY!
the completed illustration!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

recreating an illustration from several months ago...

There is a scholarship offered through SCBWI southern region for an illustrator to receive paid admission for the conference this spring. I am not going to lie, finances are tight. Attending a conference is an investment. This is a great opportunity that would allow me to go to this conference.
I had recently posted on Facebook asking friends which illustrations they enjoyed most. I  received a lot of responses about my buggy book illustration. I was once told that if I like, create it again. Your work is usually better the second time. So, that is what I am doing.

This is the new illustration that is a recreation of the first. I have changed the orientation of it and kept the same message. I have reworked the background to add more dimension to it. The book has also been re-sketched to mimic a true way that a book would open. I will post more updates as the color takes shape and the illustration comes together. It is amazing what I have learned over the last 6 months. And, it is even more amazing what I have learned in a year. I really need this scholarship. I will need to select my 3 best works to submit. I am only as good as my worst piece submitted. Please help me decide when the time comes!

I have decided to stop for the night. I am actually really happy with how this is tuning out. there is more character in this illustration that in the first. All characters are focused on the page of the book. I think the background looks nice and is offering dimensions to the pic. I really like the leaves and the mushroom so far. Wow, I may be actually sleeping while writing this...nope, I am still awake. Okay, I must go to bed as I can't stop yawning. I hope I will be able to complete this tomorrow.

It has been a crazy weekend with the kids home, but this is really starting to take shape and embrace the bright colors. I really love watercolor!!!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Krumpy the tiny tree sprite

Today, I drew this rather quickly and used pastels and pencil to finish it. It is a piece inspired by my middle son. He is a lover of nature. He is genuine with his kindness. I made this picture for him to put up by his bed. Here is another picture of my tree sprite, Krumpy.

Monday, January 13, 2014

coffee inspired

Starting with new work. here is the sketch that I worked on this morning. It looks more like a "spot" illustration. I may try to make it a story page. Here is my character that I created. It is a young and curious sprite.Spring is definitely the inspiration for this sketch! I think I may work on more of this character today!

And here is the finished piece. I made this with colored pencil. It was a lot of fun to color!!!

Friday, January 10, 2014

recent work in progress...

This is my recent work in progress. I have been inspired by the tortoise and the hare. It is still in the works, but soon you will see a Hare napping against the sign. Silly rabbit. It is a mixed medium
of watercolor and digital. I will post more as I finish this project. Unfortunately, painting makes me terribly tired...but I do love to do it so much. Good night!
Here is the latest of the piece I am working on. I am digitally adding shadows and color. My goal is to keep the nostalgic vintage to the piece and utilize the abilities of technology to add color that my water color can't provide. It is a daunting task. :)
This is the final product of this try. I think it turned out well. There are a few things I would change, but overall it is a good piece. I believe I will still finish the watercolor and see how I like that.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy New Year!

What is on my mind? Well, I received my first illustration inquiry. I fear that our styles were not compatible, but it was an inquiry and that was very exciting! I am looking to the future. The Don Freeman Grant will be opening up in March and I desperately need a new computer. I am preparing my best work and new work to submit for this grant. There is also another scholarship opportunity for the convention in March. I am going to apply for that, too. As a mom of three boys, money can be a bit tight. I try to apply for every opportunity possible.
I opened up my file from my submission last year. It is amazing to see the progress that my art has made. I am actually very proud of it. It is fueled by imagination and my love of color. I started a sketch last night that will demonstrate levels in illustration. I am trying to develop a more dimensional look to my work while offering different perspective. This is a preliminary sketch. I am still building and adding characters to it. This does show potential with a great concept.