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Monday, January 7, 2013

bringing back the old.

And the Krumpies whistle in the Snitzle Thistle to bring about the springtime bloom.
I feel that some children's books are focused on the computer generated, current style art. I miss the art and sketched type illustrations of old.  Beatrix Potter's style was imaginative, sweet, and reflective of where my imagination would bring me. That is my style. It is an imaginative, dream like, full color art. I work it out with a pencil and eraser. My colors come from water, acrylic, or pastels. Sometimes I combine them. Here is my latest piece in water color. I have never had any formal training, but I draw and write from what I imagine. I hope you like it. My boys love it. Stories come from this place of rhyme and imagination. As I discover what I am as an author, my perspective changes with it. It isn't all about Emily Post and her teachings. I think it is a far simpler concept of just being the best person you can be. Dr Seuss gave us adventure in fun through rhyme and art. His whimsy and ability to make nonsensical words read like perfect English was beyond a small feat. It was ground breaking in the world of children's literature.He mastered the "read aloud" and the "read to me" style writing. He was and is still a house hold name.
Although he is long gone, I consider him to be a mentor. He was rejected by many and published by friend as a favor. He never gave up. More than one hundred "no's" to his Mulberry Street. I am up to thirty plus. Each no breaks my heart a little. Truth of it is that those responses have fueled my creativity. My aspirations are huge and I have no problem working for what needs to be done. I am still trying to find my way. I think Andy needs a little rest for now. the Krumpies want a turn for center stage. I am writing their story and have 3 styles of artwork to illustrate their adventures.
For now, I am still aspiring. Please feel free to follow me on facebook.

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