This is my journey in creating concepts, writing, illustrating, finding a literary agent, and becoming a published children's book author and illustrator for the picture book genre.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

stepping out of my comfort zone.

Change is difficult, but it is the catalyst that matures our perspective as an artist. Each piece I produce is a part of a mental challenge I engage myself in. I take a past critique and raise to the challenge of creating something to reflect the changes suggested. My color palette is changing. My lines are cleaner, too. I recently revised a sketch and added more character to the faces, interaction, and action. I love adding progressions to my page. So, here you go! This is from sketch to completion. It is on rather large paper and I need to have it scanned at a place that can handle that size. So, for now...I have scanned it with the action part of the illustration in the center. This was a fun piece and these characters are the muses that began my illustrating journey. It is a mixed media illustration. I love the gradient effect I gave the background. The light is well focused without being obvious.

I truly hope I will have the chance to share this story with children some day. I love creating. I like that it takes a minute to find that little ant. your eyes are focused on the conversation and worry of the two bugs.The ant becomes part of the scenery...but emerges as the character in conflict. Portfolio building is an ongoing process. A wise person once told me to NEVER stop creating. This is how you fine tune your art. Although he is not in Ohio and I am no longer in the South, his wise words still motivate me to make my work better, stronger, and to get out of my comfort zone. 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

learning from the past

This blog isn't only about my journey, it is an exploration into the art I create. I wanted to link one of my favorite entries into this post. It is a reflection of my experiences that have cultivated me into the artist I am today. When I create, I hear the critiques that once brought me to tears and have now given me the confidence to forge onward.
                                   The day I will never forget and will always be grateful for.
 I am forever changed by this day. My art has as well. Funny. I wonder if those that inspired me will ever know to what extent. The tears came hard that day, but positive experiences hastily followed.  My art has changed and grown through repetition and the ability to take criticism and grow with it. My successes that followed were because I listened and applied. Art is subjective. Although many claim there is one way, it is really about what applies to those who wish to look and bond with a piece. Illustrations are the catalyst for a story's success. Can we become lost in it enough to let our imagination do the rest? I hope so.
Below is the piece that the art directors enjoyed most. It wasn't the piece itself, it was the style of which my flowers and leaves were drawn and painted. They stated that it was unusual and eye catching.

Sad Bear: part two

I finally finished this piece. He was a lot of fun to create. This little bear was created on 9x12 paper utilizing primarily watercolor with some pastel and pencil. I like the look of this bear and the shading choices in colors and lighting. He was inspired by my son's bear, Ethan Bear.
What happened to the flower, little Bear? Perhaps the day was too warm and this flower is thirsty? Perhaps it is a lesson about how beauty is short lived and fades in time. isn't it wonderful how a single picture can tell a story. Well, onto the next project!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Two illustrations and more to come

There is magic if you believe.
There are stories that continue to play in my mind. Some begin with great potential that could invoke the imagination of the small reader. I write these little waves of inspirations on small pieces of paper. They clutter the corners of my art table as visual reminders that writing should occur soon. I have reworked my original Andy the Ant story again. It has been reworked through the years since it was first created 7 years ago. It started off as a story about etiquette and has transformed into a story of playtime and friends. I like where it is going. It has potential to be a series of stories with vibrant illustrations full of flowers, fantastical friends, curious insects, and nautical amphibians.
Illustration began as an after thought to the main event, my manuscript. This journey has metamorphosed into the opposite. Illustration is the main event for me with writing as a second. I love the creations that I can bring to life. Art really does mimic reality. Illustration enhances the verbal experience and offers a catalyst of imagination that forbids limitations. Reading begins with the interpretation of illustration. Every blank canvas offers possibilities that are endless. Colors can blend or stand on their own to translate an emotion or invoke a memory. Presented here are two new pieces that I have finally finished scanning and editing. Each piece offers diversity and emotion. The story line is left to the mind's translation and what emotion it resonates with. For me, hope is endless and fruitful as it begs for new beginnings and friendly relationships with only eternity to limit the time it is given.
Sparky Cat and Blue:Friendship