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Friday, January 4, 2013

chronicles of Abernathy, the last Soch witch

and so begins the Chronicles of Abernathy. Here is an excerpt from my future writings and story telling...

In a dreamy time, one not so long ago, our worlds faded from many into one against a common foe. We gathered together; hands bound by loyalty and time. What we faced ahead was more than an evil crime. The black masses of airless mist invaded our homes as evil hissed. Our protectors were taken from their beds that long and endless night.This was the start of the interdimensional fight. Gates were closed and magic lost. One world became many at a great cost.
Our worlds, including yours, are dependent upon the Soch core crystal. This crystal maintains our worlds' dimensional walls; both apical and distal. Please allow me to share in what ignorance has kindly afforded. These planes, once accessed by all, have been magically boarded. Imagine a world of worlds shared by many. To travel, all one must do is pay homage with a penny.
This isn't the copper that you may know. In the light, one's true intentions will show. A party, a picnic, or even a dance, intentions are known with only a glance. Once they were common and now not so. This is where my story must go. You are reading this now. Hope is more than a prayer.. I know that it is you who truly will care.
In your heart, you are true. I offer this as your first clue. To find me, you must believe. Our existence is where the lies and truth weave.

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