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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Split page: take two!

I have decided to re work the split page that I had worked on previously. The previous pages are pretty and the colors are ideal, but balance was not resonating with me. I need more from it. I want my illustrations to bring a sense of happiness and whimsy when they thumb through the pictures. I want parents to come back to this book for night time reading. So, back to the sketching stage I go. I have been sketching a little here and there. Inspiration has been a little slow lately. So, I finally started putting down a discernible sketch of Andy, Lilly, and Benny. Here are some stages as I prepare this new set of art for the end of my book. I feel that a split page in full illustration should be a must for the picture book dummy. It is a great example of what the art for the entire book will be in full illustration. So, here I go. Onward to my ideal split page!!!!
Still aspiring and my dreams are huge!!!!

let's make it a bit more balanced!

first page is a go for color and song lyrics!
song lyrics added and second page is beginning to take form!
starting to apply color. First layer.

adding some depth to the characters and background.