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Monday, November 24, 2014

A little Winter digital art...

It is that time of year when the weather changes and the cold comes breezing in. Living in Ohio has already brought a bit of shock to my system as the windchill plummeted into the negatives...brrrrrr
We have had snow on the ground, ice cycles hanging from the gutters, and there are Christmas trees all lit up in neighbors windows. I am a bit of a traditionalist and keep thanksgiving decor up until after thanksgiving before Christmas goes into full swing. That doesn't mean I won't share illustrations of snow related things. here are illustrations that I created using my Wacom last year. The first two were my first and second tries at exploring this new type of illustration. My third illustration was after I had some experience under my belt. :)

Digital is a bit different my water color, but does offer the ability to really utilize textures. The old fashioned water color is my favorite type of medium. It holds true to my vision of children's illustration. Digital does allow that feel with some more updated techniques and layering. Happy Winter to all my friends.

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