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Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to all my friends! It is a wonderful holiday full of imagination and smiles. Who will you be this Halloween? I am going to put on my Dorothy Gale dress complete with my toto basket purse and have some fun with 20 plus little ones. One of the teachers is dressing up as the Halloween Kid. We read this book once a week in the classroom. The kids are eagerly awaiting the arrival of him this afternoon. It is such an honor to read to little ones. I get it now. I can really see what they see. As adults, we miss the details. These are the little things that illustrate the story without words. A color can dictate the feeling and mood of the story. The illustrations that are chock full of detailed illustration tend to over stimulate the kiddos. Bright colors hold their attention more. The opportunity to work with my target audience has made me a better illustrator/ author.

Below, you will see the final sketch that was approved for the sweatshirt design. I am working on finalizing it in pen and paint before I add the digital enhancements. It is quiet adorable. I am so excited for this opportunity to give back.

Most importantly, happy Halloween from my boys, the Dunbridge brothers, a.k.a Super Brothers Detective Agency!

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