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Monday, December 8, 2014

Making a T-shirt illustration

Yesterday, I received a brand new t-shirt with my illustration on it. I was commissioned by Lucas County Pit Crew to create an illustration with the logo "sleeps with Pitbulls". They are a rescue group that works in Ohio and Nationally to rescue dogs with an emphasis on pit bull like dogs. That is really a fancy term for "mutt". Our dog, Waffles, came from this rescue and we love her so much. This was a big honor for me and a way to give back to an organization that I am very passionate about. I love dogs. I love companion animals. They bring out the kid in me.
I found this to be a flattering request, but there was also a challenge in bringing the vision of the rescue to my art. In the end, I created an illustration that was gender unspecific and resonated peace and nostalgia to the wearer. It was a fun journey creating this piece. I am so excited to see it worn and loved by many.
The illustration was first created as a sketch.
rough sketch
After watercolor
Once the sketch was approved, I took it to water color using black to create shading and definition of the piece.

Digital file submitted to the t shirt company
Once that was finished and approved, I added the digital text of logo and business name.
There were 4 different versions. It is funny how a font can change the illustration's overall feel. Finding the right font is just as important. Adding text to a piece is an art form in itself. It makes the statement. This was a great learning experience for me. I hope to create more for this organization that I hold so dear to my heart.
The final product

2nd draft

1st draft
This was my first attempt. It was cute, but not the right message that they wanted to use. The second draft was too feminine, but getting closer to the idea. I used the 2nd as an opportunity to try my watercolor style that I envisioned for the piece before taking it to the approved illustration. It is definitely note card worthy. This was a great experience. :)
2nd draft with black watercolor

 If you would like to purchase a t-shirt, donations of 25 dollars and 3 dollars shipping can be made to Lucas County Pit Crew via paypal/ donation link. Please state color and size in the comment section. If your shipping address is different than your billing, please state that as well. Please post a picture of yourself wearing this shirt and I will add it to my blog and FB page!
Link below:
And, this is my sweet puppy that was rescued by Lucas County Pit Crew. Thank you for saving this little girl's life and sending her to my family. Your work is amazing and we are so proud and grateful to help in your journey to make a difference.

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