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Thursday, October 16, 2014

sketch sketching away...

So the day goes. Then the week travels at uncertain speed. before you know it, a month has come and gone. Where are you? You are still trying to find the motivation to get the laundry done. Yeah, that is about right. I have committed to working on a project with the lovely Alicia Sprinkle and I have also accepted a spot illustration project for a sweatshirt. My first project is about storyboarding. The second is about sketching. I guess I can't forget about the third project. I am going to be giving my first illustrator talk in Toledo soon. I am excited to announce that my target audience will be the audience.
The current project that I am trying to have ready by Saturday is a sketch  that is below. This wonderful organization has requested some more to the piece, so that is my next step before I finalize it. Here is the work in progress:

I will keep posting as the work continues. I can't wait to show you all the sweatshirt when it is finished!

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