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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

two illustrations, two styles

Here is an illustration of Sparky and a kind, small, bluebird friend. This is my first scanned version of "small gestures". I still need to add some more shadowing and background, but the colors are nice. I have a smaller sized scanner than what my paper calls for. Here is an excerpt of the illustration.I have decided to call it, "small gestures". Kindness can come from anywhere. Here, Sparky receives a flower from a bluebird after a cold night being lost in the woods. Friendly reassurance can brighten any dark experience. The outside is a scary place for a little kitty who doesn't venture far. Friends can always be found in times of need if you ask for help. 

This is another little sketch piece that I have been playing around with. I am trying to incorporate some advice that was shared with me at the last conference I attended. I still need to play a bit more with the scanner. This is a piece that I used to incorporate my prisma pencils and practice layering colors. I find that it is similar to using water colors. 

These two illustrations are polar opposites of each other. The above focuses on demonstrating a different color palette that is similar to what mainstream illustration is using. The second is sticking to my life bright and rich colors that I feel invoke merry imagination. The puppy just wants the tree spark and the sprite is conveying to the puppy that the tree spark is not a toy.
Thank you for taking a look. I am really trying to broaden my technique and portfolio while utilizing all the critique that I have been given from SCBWI. Soon, I will be creating new cards to mail out. I wonder which illustrations I should attach to it?
Continually creating and ALWAYS aspiring,
Cassaundra Dunbridge
Children's Book Illustrator and Author

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