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Monday, July 28, 2014

Over mountains, hills, and through the states of Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Ohio...

Well, I made it. We made it to Ohio and now reside in the beautiful city of Toledo where the weather is so agreeable and your neighbors welcome you with smiles and brownies at your door. I am still not unpacked yet, but who really ever is after less than a month. Good news is that I have my office/studio mostly set up and a computer ready for editing my wonderful illustrations. Tonight may be the night to get my art groove on. It has been far too long since my water colors have graced paper. I have been scribbling in my downtime, but color is where I thrive. Story ideas are always present and waiting to be dictated, too. I must admit that I miss my southern breeze community. NW Ohio SCBWI isn't near as active, but I have two other regions that I can look into that are very near to me. An author friend of mine came to the Spring-mingle from another region. It can be done! I was unable to finish my "Sparky and friend" illustration due to the move. I think that may be the first project in the new digs!

This house offers another exciting feature. I am working on creating a small kids' library with shelves of kids' books. I love children's literature because it is an opportunity to introduce a child to literature and art at a place in their lives where imagination hasn't been overthrown by technology. I want to be a part of that. My kids are surrounded by books and I am happy that they have an ever growing library to enjoy them.

 Below is the little stray kitty that we befriended before our move. Don't worry, there are many in the neighborhood that care for this sweet cat. Every 4th day Sparky would stop by to say "meow" and have a bite to eat. He would wander down that  road on the 4th day around 4 pm with loud meows as he made his way to the porch. He would stay an hour or two. He ate his meal and enjoyed cuddles from all of us. This sweet boy cat inspired the art below. I look forward to posting the rest of the progression as I finish it.

Still Aspiring and always drawing!

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