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Saturday, January 18, 2014

recreating an illustration from several months ago...

There is a scholarship offered through SCBWI southern region for an illustrator to receive paid admission for the conference this spring. I am not going to lie, finances are tight. Attending a conference is an investment. This is a great opportunity that would allow me to go to this conference.
I had recently posted on Facebook asking friends which illustrations they enjoyed most. I  received a lot of responses about my buggy book illustration. I was once told that if I like, create it again. Your work is usually better the second time. So, that is what I am doing.

This is the new illustration that is a recreation of the first. I have changed the orientation of it and kept the same message. I have reworked the background to add more dimension to it. The book has also been re-sketched to mimic a true way that a book would open. I will post more updates as the color takes shape and the illustration comes together. It is amazing what I have learned over the last 6 months. And, it is even more amazing what I have learned in a year. I really need this scholarship. I will need to select my 3 best works to submit. I am only as good as my worst piece submitted. Please help me decide when the time comes!

I have decided to stop for the night. I am actually really happy with how this is tuning out. there is more character in this illustration that in the first. All characters are focused on the page of the book. I think the background looks nice and is offering dimensions to the pic. I really like the leaves and the mushroom so far. Wow, I may be actually sleeping while writing this...nope, I am still awake. Okay, I must go to bed as I can't stop yawning. I hope I will be able to complete this tomorrow.

It has been a crazy weekend with the kids home, but this is really starting to take shape and embrace the bright colors. I really love watercolor!!!


  1. The three I like best are the Santa mouse, the snow girl, and the one with the bunny <3

  2. Thank you!!!! I plan on trying to amp up the portfolio this week. I would love to know what you think after I have some new stuff in there!