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Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Frozen Arctic Tundra on Northwest Georgia

I have been distracted by all the weather and illness going through the house. I have three boys and they attend an independent school in Northwest Georgia that my husband works at. It is a small school and illness continue to be passed around at high and frequent rate. Then came the storm that i have titles, "the Georgian Snowpocolypse 2014. It wasn't supposed to hit us or predicted to gently graze our area. Well, the storm blew northward of Atlanta and slaughtered us in snow and ice.  I was fortunate to get home as the snow began to stick and the wind began to howl. We watched the weather from indoors. The streets were full of cars sliding off into ditches, parked cars without people inside, and police escorting people out of their vehicles and into stores. The school here kept kids from the Atlanta area and rural areas in the dorms for a night or two. Staff workers slept on couches in faculty offices and the health center. We played in the snow but kept ourselves humbled by the news events occurring.
Last night, we decided to venture out and grab dinner at a restaurant. We tried 4 places that all closed before sundown due to possible ice. We finally found a quaint Mexican place that was open. The downside; no heat! So, we ate at this place in our best snow gear. We found ourselves eating quickly in fear that our food would fall to the same fate as our finger tips. After our meal, we skated home on sheets of ice at a whopping 10 miles an hour. After we made our way through the frozen tundra of Arctic Georgia, I sat down to some paints and worked a bit more. This piece is ready for the details that will make it shine. HOORAY!
the completed illustration!

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