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Monday, September 23, 2013

Portfolio planning

I am hard at work preparing to present my best illustrations for the southern breezer conference on the 12th of October. They have been wonderful about communication. It is a very well organized chapter of SCBWI. Today, I finished this piece below.  I took pictures of my process. I actually do this for me. It allows me to see how it will look as a flat page and how it reads to an observer.
the sketching of the idea
I start with my first layers of color.

more color and shading applied
the final piece. I love the colors. It resembles a lot of the greenery I walk through daily. The yellow flowers were inspired from some the grow close to our home!
 More to come as the day draw near. I post often on facebook.
Feel free to like my page and take a peek. I am also in the illustrator portfolio section of the SCBWI site!

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