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Friday, September 6, 2013

In the blink of an eye...

Life moves fast. Sometimes weeks disappear into the memory of months and the dreams of a year. I find myself lost within it. Weeks have gone by and I have been immersed in the needs of the family. Art has taken a backseat during the move and transition. Slowly, my things find their way to new homes on shelves and desks. My pencils travel where I travel but still have the sharpened tips of a sketch waiting to be developed. I have registered for the Southern conference for SCBWI and will have a portfolio review. This should spice up some areas that need work and help me find the next step to the road of published author and illustrator. Conferences are essential for those of us who aspire to be part of the elite. We learn from those who have stumbled and found footing. They share their hardships, experiences, successes, and failures. I am excited to attend my first conference next month. So much work to prepare for this conference. I need to update my illustrator cards, add new work to my portfolio, and spice up a manuscript or two. One never knows when opportunity will knock. I guess it is a good idea to expect her at any time.

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