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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Two illustrations and more to come

There is magic if you believe.
There are stories that continue to play in my mind. Some begin with great potential that could invoke the imagination of the small reader. I write these little waves of inspirations on small pieces of paper. They clutter the corners of my art table as visual reminders that writing should occur soon. I have reworked my original Andy the Ant story again. It has been reworked through the years since it was first created 7 years ago. It started off as a story about etiquette and has transformed into a story of playtime and friends. I like where it is going. It has potential to be a series of stories with vibrant illustrations full of flowers, fantastical friends, curious insects, and nautical amphibians.
Illustration began as an after thought to the main event, my manuscript. This journey has metamorphosed into the opposite. Illustration is the main event for me with writing as a second. I love the creations that I can bring to life. Art really does mimic reality. Illustration enhances the verbal experience and offers a catalyst of imagination that forbids limitations. Reading begins with the interpretation of illustration. Every blank canvas offers possibilities that are endless. Colors can blend or stand on their own to translate an emotion or invoke a memory. Presented here are two new pieces that I have finally finished scanning and editing. Each piece offers diversity and emotion. The story line is left to the mind's translation and what emotion it resonates with. For me, hope is endless and fruitful as it begs for new beginnings and friendly relationships with only eternity to limit the time it is given.
Sparky Cat and Blue:Friendship

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