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Thursday, August 27, 2015

stepping out of my comfort zone.

Change is difficult, but it is the catalyst that matures our perspective as an artist. Each piece I produce is a part of a mental challenge I engage myself in. I take a past critique and raise to the challenge of creating something to reflect the changes suggested. My color palette is changing. My lines are cleaner, too. I recently revised a sketch and added more character to the faces, interaction, and action. I love adding progressions to my page. So, here you go! This is from sketch to completion. It is on rather large paper and I need to have it scanned at a place that can handle that size. So, for now...I have scanned it with the action part of the illustration in the center. This was a fun piece and these characters are the muses that began my illustrating journey. It is a mixed media illustration. I love the gradient effect I gave the background. The light is well focused without being obvious.

I truly hope I will have the chance to share this story with children some day. I love creating. I like that it takes a minute to find that little ant. your eyes are focused on the conversation and worry of the two bugs.The ant becomes part of the scenery...but emerges as the character in conflict. Portfolio building is an ongoing process. A wise person once told me to NEVER stop creating. This is how you fine tune your art. Although he is not in Ohio and I am no longer in the South, his wise words still motivate me to make my work better, stronger, and to get out of my comfort zone. 

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