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Friday, July 10, 2015

Creating a spot illustration

So, I recently made a spot art piece for the rescue that I volunteer with. It is a great rescue that has already rescued and adopted close to 400 dogs half way through the year. Rescue work is hard. The pay out is the knowledge that your time and compassion may have just saved another life. Perhaps that life saved may have saved another life in the companion bond that dogs and people can have. It is a domino affect. This wonderful organization has recently spent $5,000 in the span of 3 days on 15 bottle fed puppies, a puppy with a severe intestinal stricture, an emergent eye surgery, and an emergent front leg amputation. As it is a non-profit organization, funds come from donors and grants. The fosters had to come together to figure out a way to increase funds to financially support these procedures and continue to support these dogs on the path to their permanent companion homes. Fundraising provides fun and and financial support. The group decided on a bowling night that would be fun for families and adults! I was asked to come up with a flyer for the bowling event. Like illustrating for stories, I had to convey the event and title through an illustration. 
I began with sketching, but my mind already had an idea on placement. I had to also take into consideration of where I would put the text. After I had the idea of it down, I took it to watercolor...because watercolor is my favorite medium!
I sent this to those in charge of the fundraiser to give them an idea of where I was headed. I let them know that text placement would probably change. I am an artist, it WILL change.
After I sent it, I quickly received word that this spot would work. The turnaround for the flyer needed to be quick. I had two days from the time I was asked. I thought the spot needed to be in watercolor. I couldn't make it easy and use a different medium. Nope...It needed to make a statement and Lucas County Pit Crew deserves my best work. So, it was time to start laying out some color.

I like to use my prisma watercolor pencils when I am flirting with color. It helps me get an idea and adds an undertone of texture in some place. On the puppy, well that is all gouache and brush. An illustrator once told me to never just use one color. Blend and combine. The puppy required the use of different shades of brown, peach, and white. 

The clock was ticking, but I wasn't ready to go to bed. The muse was strong and I had a deadline. I needed to have this spot done by morning so I could work on the flyer. I finally came to a stopping point. More texture, low lights, and high lights were needed, but the main color was laid down. The hardest part of the job was done. I really liked what I was seeing. It was at this point that I had to put down the brush and say "good night".
I awoke, grabbed my coffee, and went down to my office and began to get the details done. Below is the final product of the spot art. It makes me smile. If I smile, then I know it will convey the same. I am my own worst critic. Isn't that little puppy cute? The spacing looks good, too. It works, right? SO, DONE!!!! Well, no. No, I am definitely NOT done. Time to take it to the computer. Flyer needs to be done and formatted. Time to get the 5 w's and the how of the fundraiser and format it to look easy to read and fun to be a part of. 
Back to work! No slacking!!! DEADLINE!!!!! Did I mention that I like to be early?  Early means that any changes have time to be made. BACK TO WORK! and...more coffee. Coffee helps! Text placement was next. A font can really make or break it, too. I love this font. It reads "I am fun". After I had the text done and layers combined, it was time to move to the big stuff.
So, several hours and 4 cups of coffee later, the flyer and banner were completed . If you are in the Toledo area, come join us. We have some steep medical bills to pay for and would love to get to know you all. There will be a raffle and Lucas County Pit Crew merchandise available for purchase. The evening promises to be fun and I will tweet/ FB the event that night. Come join in the fun and help be a part of something wonderful. For more information about this rescue organization, please visit their website,

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