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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Sprite of my heart...

This little guy has been a constant in my illustrating adventures.  After a small hiatus of creating and illustrating, he has inspired me to continue to create in the realms of ponds, forests, and meadows. Although this sprite resembles the leaves of his home, he has his sprite glow that reminds us all how special and magical he really is. I decided to utilize coloring pencils in creating this illustration. The end result is a mixed media illustration. I have a few tools that I like to use to make my end results pop. Colored pencils allow me to practice my blending technique and achieve the whimsy that this illustration needed. After scanning in an illustration, the colors need to be tweaked digitally to mimic the original. I utilized a small amount of light adjustment to achieve that affect. Here is my sketch to color.
 I have a feeling you shall see more of him in the near future. Let's see what kind of adventure we shall send this little sprite on :) Below is the final product of my little sprite as we catch him in the leaves surrounding a single blooming flower.
A sprite would be hard to see in a park or forest as he seems to camouflage with his surroundings. His soft glow mimics that of a firefly glowing in the warm meadows of the southern summer sunset. It is a soft glow. The nurturing light of this forest sprite heals the broken earth beneath his wings. His soft yellow light is one of a kind. This sprite has never seen another that resembles the reflection he sees in the waters of the bordering pond. From the flowers of the bordering pond, he came into this world sheltered by its mothering and protective pinkish-yellow petals. Not another flower of its kind bloomed in his life time until now. Maybe he is not alone. Another Sprite has been born to the forest. Can they, together, heal the broken soil of their mother, Earth? The flower has bloomed, but where is the sprite friend he has expected to see within those sheltering petals?
Let us see where our story will go. Where will the art take us? Will our lands be healed or will the earth wither away into a brown and lifeless decay?

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