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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Ethan and Tiger Bear

I created a new illustration for a classroom this week. It is a thank you to a classroom of wonderful children that shared their prized possession with my middle son, Ethan. This week started off rather well. Ethan had his big spring play coming up where he was to play his favorite person at his school.
Ethan and Dr. Hutchins, lower school headmaster at Darlington School
It was a fun kids' play to send off the faculty that is moving on from the school to new adventures. Many smiles were had during and after that performance. My 2 younger boys and I left the chapel building and walked towards the lower grades' classrooms on the other side of campus. After we reached the playground outside of the classrooms, my sweet Ethan had a grand mal seizure. Shortly after his first seizure, a second followed. My son has never had a seizure before. This was the most terrifying incident I had ever witnessed with my children. It was a nightmare that is on constant replay in my mind. I thought that I lost my son.
I was with my son during the course of these two episodes. We were whisked away to the hospital and stayed there overnight and into the following afternoon. No seizures followed but he did have a series of tests. My son fell on his head on the cement during the first seizure.  He had to be observed for a possible concussion from head injury. Luckily, the teswt were negative and the CT scan was clear.
The first grade class has a purple bear named "Tiger" with a bag full of clothes. It was sent to the hospital for Ethan. He played with the bear through out the course of his stay. As a "thank you" to the class, he asked me to draw them something. I created this piece of artwork inspired by that sweet bear and all she did for my son during that scary time. I sincerely hope that there is never another seizure, but I am so thankful to his school for all of the support and love shared with us during this time.

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