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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Aspiring writer info!

You may have heard me refer to my superhero friend a few times. He is a magnificent copy editor and friend with a passion for all aspects of the English language. He is eloquent in speech as he is on paper. Through my beginnings of my pursuit as an illustrator/ author, this man has stood by my side and edited with a turnover ranging from a few hours to a half day with edits that reflected my authentic voice without excessive verbiage that I tend to gravitate towards when writing. He has started a blog to help aid aspiring authors are their journey. It is a piece on the misuse and over use of the adverb. I highly recommend it as an aid when preparing for your first edits.

All about Gerald Zepeda:

    Who is Gerald Zepeda?

    I am a writer, an editor, and a lover of language. I don't want to wait for an infinite number of monkeys pounding on keyboards to come up with the next great work of literature. I am relying on you to brighten the world with your unique brand of human genius. It's time to write.

This blog post is amazing. Please click here to read:

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