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Monday, October 21, 2013

side tracked...well, just a little

Alright, so instead of writing a brief post about my classes from the conference, I have decided to transform my sketch into cover art for submission into the SCBWI region magazine. I had a question about the submission process and received an answer in less than an hour! That was amazing. I love SCBWI.
So, I posted the sketch I did of a Santa mouse inspired by my mom's doll. Here is the cover art that I am working on. As always, I will continue to post progress as I go. Excuse the quality. This was taken with my phone.

Sometimes, the path to illustrating a complete picture is a long one. I am almost done. I have tried to make the background compliment the picture. Tomorrow, I will add the details and highlights to the characters and background. This is what i have so far!
and finally, it is done. Scanning is tricky as it doesn't always pick up the little details that I put in with the paint briush. I have them scanned at Staples as I am still lacking in the way of technology.  So, after 3 scans, this is the closest to the actual painting!!!

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