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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Reviewing my notes

I have decided to try to utilize some great pointers that I learned at the conference. In my recent sketch, I applied these techniques to the characters to see if I would receive a good reaction. Do they convey joy? When you looked at that mouse character, did he make you smile? Now, there isn't a background in the sketch. It is a mouse on a reindeer, but there were small details worth observing.

In my first class, it was a great review of story development and her experience having this author's book published. I really enjoyed that. She asked some great questions. Writing children's stories requires a pattern. After all, you are writing a story that should be told in less than 500 words over a span of 32 pages.. It may sound like an easy feat, but each page has to convey something and illustration conveys the rest before the next page.
The cat sat on the mat. -BORING STORY
The cat sat on the OTHER mat. -Now that is story worthy. :)
SHe also offered great info about the number of finished illustrations, sketches, and manuscript. I can't wait to put this information to use.
There is an "Ask the Agent" website where an agent actually replies. Writers digest will write critiques for 40 dollars. This information is wonderful and VERY useful.

Tomorrow, I will write more. I can't wait to talk about the school visits!!!! Have a great night!

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