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Monday, June 17, 2013

too busy to be inspired...

That seems to be my theme lately. On a personal level, I have experienced a flood of change and challenges in the last month. So much so, that keeping up with my aspirations have proven to be more of a challenge than normal.  I have finally finished a page that didn't always feel right. Sometimes my illustrations just flow from beginning to end.  This one did not.I had some struggles and considered scrapping it a couple of times and starting over. What I found is that when I finish what I start, I am usually pleased with the product. If I am not pleased, I now have the knowledge to make it better. Here is the final product. It is meant to be a finale page to the end of my book. It might be a nice piece for my promo card.
my finale page...

Now that I have finished that page, I am trying to sketch some pages for my dummy. Here is the product of my latest below! It has come a long way since I first started my attempt at illustrating. I really enjoy it.

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