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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Walking, stumbling, and persevering...

Last night, I did a lot of research on making a killer promo illustrator card. A friend of mine who sorts through promo cards on a daily basis has been very kind to offer guidance with the layout. My appreciations for his responses and input goes without saying.
When I sit down to draw, I feel like I am paying homage to my grandfather. He was an illustrator/artist and worked for Disney way back when. He lost both of his hands in WW2; a sacrifice to our country and lives saved during Hitler's massacre and genocide. When I was around 10 years of age, he taught me how to paint by number with his two metal hands; cold and metallic cranes that extended to each elbow bilaterally. I was never one to follow the numbers. He praised my creative choices and encouraged different mediums on which to practice my paintings.. My gramps had several faults, but art was never one of them. If a man with two metal hands could create images that influenced generations, then limitations of the mind are weak obstacles of a focused heart. Perseverance and strength of passion are keys to success. I wish I could share what I have created with the man who encouraged me to use a paint brush so long ago. He was a brief influence in my life, but his kindness of soul lives through every paint stroke. I feel the warmth of his love as I begin to create and sketch. It is his voice that encourages me to continue when I am ready to scrap a piece because it is not perfect or a paint stroke is off just a bit. Art is not perfection. It is a subjective voice: a liberal translation of a vision dancing about my mind. Like every path in life, one must walk ahead using one step at a time.  Even Dorothy had to face her fears on the yellow brick road.  Sometimes we fall. Sometimes we stumble over tiny stones along the way. It is all about standing up and rethinking your footing. My journey is not a solo walk. I have embraced those in my life. I don't believe in chance meetings. Those who have crossed paths with mine have contributed to my yellow brick road full of  aspiring children's book author and illustrator dreams.  They walk with me offering courage, the ability to stand tall and face my fears, and the common sense to listen to myself. I began my journey with author aspirations and have found my journey to lead to illustrating ambitions.
Still aspiring and creating.
C Dunbridge, aspiring children's book author and illustrator

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