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Wednesday, May 1, 2013


It is funny how art can take shape. I am writing a song and melody for my book. I want it to be something easy that a kid could play on the recorder or punch out on a piano or a piano app. In honor of May Day, I am adding wild flowers to this illustration. My favorite is the cone flowers. So, I am adding some right now. Tomorrow, I will add pictures of my progress of this illustration. I have high expectations for my illustrations. Good ole water color and pastels work for me. I love detail. It adds depth and charm. Do you remember the days of books with illustrations that were very elaborate? My favorite were the serendipity books. I could look at those illustrations for days!
If I would have to pick an artistic inspiration, these would be them. Did you have a favorite when you were growing up?

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  1. I wish you success! The Serendipity book just drummed up memories from my elementary school days. So wonderful!