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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

the aspiring lull....

Yes. That is what I have hit. What do I do now? I am still working on my picture book. Currently, I am writing a song for it. During this process, there has been a pile of paper accumulating on my desk. To top it all, I am under the weather which makes writing a bit tough at the moment. The highlight of my week was being contacted by huffington post to contribute to their writing segment. It was simple, really. They needed a video question about the industry to ask a seasoned professional. Well, I have tons of those! Unfortunately, the internet was not cooperating at the time and they were unable to air it. They did ask me if I would consider another segment in the future...YES! What an honor. I am aspiring and currently at a loss as to the next step of my adventure.  Waiting is hard. For now, I am continuing to work on my illustrations and soon will rework my query. Luckily, it is near perfect. I need to tweak the characters, but soon I will start submitting to agents and reintroduce myself to the proverbial slush pile of internet submissions. As always, I will continue to post my illustrations!
My new illustration includes the music I am writing for my story. Yes, friends sing. What do they sing about? Well, friendly things. Here is the new illustration I am starting for this page. It will be an illustration split over two pages. As I finish this page, I will post the updates. I also have a facebook page that I update more often. It is aspiring children's book author- Cassaundra Dunbridge. Please join it if you wish to follow my journey in more detail!
Here is the completed page without the text. I am not sure whether to add the text via computer or to hand write it out. I can think about it! The other side of the page has been sketched out and will be finished soon. for now, parental duties are calling me. I need a break! All that detail is time consuming! Enjoy!!!
As always, still aspiring! One day at a time!!!

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