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Monday, April 1, 2013

I should write!

What a crazy few months. Sometime last year, after my mom gifted me with a membership to SCBWI. I began to work towards making my author aspirations come true by looking for and contacting agents. After so many responses of the generic nature, I came into contact with a nice woman from an agency in the western states. She gave me a chance. We had a few email exchanges and she looked at my manuscript. Unfortunately, it wasn't a good fit for her. She was gentle about the parts that didn't work. What she didn't know is that I took her critique to heart and a new path of aspiration took root. I began re working that manuscript to allow for illustration possibilities and keep the same point of view. In order to understand its illustration potential, it needs to be illustrated. I began working on my own illustrations. I now have a love of color and painting that I didn't know existed in me.
After perusing the SCBWI member site, talking with others who are working on their manuscripts, and frequenting libraries, I began setting other writing goals. A girl needs a resume'. It is difficult to break into children's literature as an author/illustrator. At least this is what I have been told. I have found it to be a challenge to meet others that aspire to do the same thing. Most just write. And, as a writer, it is not an easy task. Writing is hard, but the more difficult challenge for me was the illustration. 14 pages of illustration to be exact. FOURTEEN! 3 of these where completed in watercolor. I found awards that I met the criteria for.
The goals have been set and the real work started. I am not going to lie, this was challenging artistically.
Now, with every dream comes help to achieve it. No one ever achieves alone. Support is always needed. I have a great support system that I am very grateful for.
Without all of this, I wouldn't have finished the requirements needed. Now, I look at the work I finished and marvel at how it translates to a book. There is still more work to do.  For now, I am going to take a small break. Below are some samples of my grant/award submission. Mind you, they are not in perfect order. I just wanted you to see what I have been working on. I hope you like it. Most of all, thank you for aspiring with me. Dreams only become reality when you work for them. I am still aspiring.
Cassaundra Dunbridge, Aspiring Children's Book Author and Illustrator

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