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Thursday, April 4, 2013

can I write?

That is a great question and one worth looking into. The question was proposed to me on another social sight about my talents as a children's writer. This is a great question. I began my journey as an author. My story is simplistic in plot and with a focused viewpoint. Is it something kids would want to read? Am I children's writer or a writer? Well, to properly answer that question, I think it is imperative to look at the difference between the two. Is there one? Should we dumb down context for fear our children will not relate? In today's generation, technology exists without limits. Children live their fantasies through video games and cgi. Imagination is still present but exists in a small place hidden by tangible existence of reality. My generation has opened a door to limitless ideas and possibilities. Amongst these gifts, we have sidestepped certain cultural expectations. There is a reason why shows like Downton resonate well in our generation. We crave that what has become obsolete. There is a need for enrichment, culture, and refinement. We can still enjoy refinement. It isn't stuffy or old. It is a right of maturity. We can cultivate the new generations in basic etiquette and sensitivity towards others' needs. Using pleasantries isn't passe. It is a lost art. Yes. As adults, we can introduce our little ones to etiquette and encourage them to use social graces instead of hiding behind a keyboard or game controller. They need to know how to eat at a restaurant that doesn't serve toys with its meal. These are life skill sets to enable the newest generation to be globally savy.
I can write. I can doodle and facilitate a canvas of imagination while educating by example. A gentile movement is in its early development. I say, "bring back the tea parties, napkins, and kind words." Can I write? Yes. Can I write for children? My little men continually tell me so. They like the rhymes. They love the doodles. One doesn't pontificate opinions and ideals to educate the masses. To educate; one must encourage, inspire, and lead by example and repetition. Andy manages to do all three. It doesn't stop there. Dreams take work. I must continue to be hungry. I must continue learn and be receptive to help. Art is subjective. Not everyone enjoyed Twilight...I did. :) I know that my point of view is strong. Mrs. Post would be proud. Over 100 years later and her name lives on.
As always, I am still an Aspiring Children's Author and Illustrator. Dreams are worth the work. We are all worth the work. It is apparent where my passion lies. I hope that you will share in it with me. A journey is far better with friends than on your own. Thank you for being a part of it.

Still Aspiring....

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