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Monday, February 18, 2013

To the future!

I am revising my original manuscript in hopes to make it easier to illustrate. I want the voice to be open, fun, and convey basic child etiquette. Cross your fingers. Less than a month to submit it for the grant. Always creating.  Still aspiring. 

Andy the Ant likes to walk around.
He loves to explore the meadow ground.
Oh no, you are going the wrong way...
This is not the place for you to play.
Poor Andy is lost and cannot find his way.
Andy sees a green frog he knows by a rock near by.
“Can this friend help me? I think I’ll say hi.”
A greeting is important and a nice thing, too.
So he asks, “Excuse me, sir, how do you do?
My name is Andy. I am lost, sad, and blue.
Where is my home? 
Dear frog, what do I do?"
"Listen up, little ant." stated the green frog. "
Look up at me and hear what I say.
I will help you find your way."
Ant and Frog search for Andy's home.
by the water, they find a gnome.
"Good day, sir  Gnome," Andy begins kindly.
"My name is Andy and this is Green. How do you do?"
The grumpy gnome responds not so sprightly.
"What can i do for you, little Andy?" 
grumble. grumble. bumble. grumble....

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