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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I feel like I need to write and may be over thinking it. It shouldn't be this difficult, right?

Here is my first book that I am trying to make a bit more appealing. I need to write about what I am passionate about. That subject would be about manners. Children learn from what they read, hear, and see. As I explore the libraries and selections for children, I am realizing that there are a plethora of materials available. For me, I think I need to view it as an opportunity to contribute and not fear the competition to be better than what is out there. I need to be true to my voice. I am not about humor or heroes verses the foe.
I really want to write about the Krumpy. He is a thorn in my side currenty. I hope if I keep writing perhaps his story will develop. My flaw? Well, I over think things. I am just a bit stumped as to making the story come together.
As for Andy, Andy is being reworked to be a wee bit shorter. It may a bit wordy for a kids' book, but I have seen wordier for sure. :) The criticism that I received that sticks out most is that my story doesn't allow for illustration. Well, challenge accepted. :) For now, I will leave you with this.....

Andy the Ant walks around.
His home is underground.
 He is small and strong
And marches all wrong.
One day, he goes astray
And now must find his way.
Across the pond, his journey will go.
A leaf is there to carry him so.
On the water, he must float along.
His home is on the bank of the pond.
 His home is there, far away.
Will he make it home today?

I am giving Andy a new look. I want my little ant to embody sweet and innocence. What do you think? This is a rough draft. i am going to try and make a title page tonight or tomorrow.

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