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Friday, February 1, 2013

Another illustration...

Today is a great day to post another painting that I have done. I am finding a voice. Alright, well I think I am. I love color. I find peace in the colors I use. When visiting the library, my children and I are entertained by the comedic aspects of the children's books, but what about the art? It isn't as colorful as I remember. There was this one book series about animals that I would always order. The illustrated pages were full of color and illustration. I was mesmerized.  There is this Bothers Grimm book that won the illustration award in 2011. Every inch of the page is filled with color. In a future book that I produce, I want it to be smothered in color and illustration. Although stories compose the magic, I believe the illustration brings that magic to reality in the eyes of a child.

Here is another example of my Krumpy. I am still trying to get the voice correct. I want his face to convey whimsy and magic. This little guy speaks to me. Not literally, of course. That would be straight jacket crazy. :)
I am trying different brush techniques and facial expressions. Little details are subtly changed so I can compare and contrast with the others. My plan is to take a poll and find out which face resonates most with you. This illustration here was one that I started to sketch out and looked like a hot, I let the paint brush do the talking. This piece isn't finished, but it is on its way. I think it will receive some more work tomorrow!

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