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Thursday, December 13, 2012

holidaze continues.

I want to write. I want to write and tell you about some adventure or break through in my journey that I have had. Unfortunately, I am at a lull; a stand still of sorts. There has not been a single break through in the creative setting for me. I am sorry that I have nothing for you to read. I have been working on another concept. Perhaps a middle school aged book concept. This story idea has been rolling around in the thought process for a while. My mom, a creative person who makes dolls, told me about her sock witch. I have transcended her sock witch to a Soch (sOk) witch. These are the protectors of the corelicle crystals that stabilize the dimensions/ planes of worlds. Dark forces of the sea planes wish to break these crystals to allow them interdimensional access. They ride on sea dragons and such. Soch witches live among the Sasquatch who are also dimensional travelers and protectors of the earth on and so forth. My main character is a small soch witch by the name of Abernathy. I have only prepared some of my outline, but it holds potential. There is a story with an underlying theme of earth and resource preservation. For now, most of it remains locked in my mind.
Andy and Bug have been shelved until after the holidays. I think this is a time to concentrate on family and friends. New Years are great for new beginnings  I shall put my work out there again come the New Year. Until such a time, my journey is slow, but always aspiring...

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