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Friday, November 30, 2012

tis' the season...

I started off my week with another rejection letter. Not near one hundred yet so there is STILL hope! The holiday season is quickly making its way here.  My boys are so excited for all things Christmas and Santa. When we were writing out our letters to Santa, we discussed the importance of being grateful, humble, and asking for only one gift. The lesson was about consideration. We were being considerate to Santa, Santa's elves, the reindeer who fly the sleigh, and other children in the world. My seven year old was very accepting of this concept. He also wanted to make sure that we had something for Santa to eat when he works hard making so many happy on Christmas Eve.
Etiquette is developing a concept of consideration and sensitivity towards others. I want to develop a story for Andy and Bug based on this concept. It starts in the home. Developing this awareness of how others are affected by you creates the ability to be considerate naturally. My son understood that asking for more than one thing from Santa would cause the Santa and the elves to work harder, the reindeer to fly a heavier sleigh, and other children would receive less because Santa would have too much work to do. We read Mickey's version of "the story of Magi". This story is exemplary of what gift giving means. If you haven't read or aren't familiar with the story, I highly recommend it.
When shopping for the boys, I bought an extra present for my son to give to "toys for tots". This concept had to be explained as well. To a child, they don't see other children living without. This was a shock to him. He expressed a want to change that. I am very proud of my seven year old for grasping this concept. It isn't an easy one to understand. Some how, he did.
Santa represents hope, mystery, excitement, compassion, and love. I see all of this in the eyes of my children when they see Santa. It isn't just about the receiving  the giving in return doesn't have to be monetary. Actions speak far louder than words. Consideration and empathy for those giving is a gift in itself.
How do you teach this to your children?
Please give to "toys for tots". Let's help every child receive a gift for Christmas-

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