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Saturday, November 3, 2012

A big door...time to walk through it.

Research is essential. Now that I have a library with an immense children's section, I am able to compare and contrast. Currently, I am looking for more etiquette books for children. This little gem was great. It used a play on words to get the point across. My boys laughed as my father in law read it aloud.  I checked out a couple other books on manners. I will let you know how that goes in the coming day or so. One thing I have learned so far, when writing a book with the underlying message of manners, it helps to put  the word "manners" in the title. It increases the popularity and you know what to expect as a parent. Parents will know what the content and message of the book will contain. I thought my style was a picture book genre but am realizing that I was wrong. My book is an easy reader style fro the preschool and kindergarten audience. I need to rework my query to state that. There are as many, if not more, illustrating styles as there are writing styles in the children genre. While visiting the children's library, I found a book that was illustrated with a colored dot. Simple, yet accurate. It seemed that those less artistically elaborate books held their attention longer than books containing complex illustrations.  Mo Willems' books are a great example of this. If you have kids or enjoy kids' books, please read one of his. They are brilliant stories!
I have also received my membership packet to SCBWI. My membership card was included. HOORAY! How did I try to pursue this dream without a tool like this? With my membership came with this amazing guide to publication. It has everything. I feel as if all my questions have been answered in this turquoise book.
Now to start reading! What a great essential on the path towards the dream. So much enthusiasm, so little time! Hey lady. Get Busy!

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