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Sunday, March 6, 2016

An artistic late bloomer

There are times where my confidence is rattled by that voice that tries to remind me that my pursuit is silly. It likes to state that the art I create isn't art. An artist creates on mediums with technique that far surpasses mine. What I create is nothing more that scribbles and doodles. More often than not, many family members don't acknowledge what I do as professional worthy. It is usually more of, "Oh, you can draw a bit, right?"  Art can lead to the most negative of self talks. I think that may be the case because it is so weighted and valued by others' opinions. The truth of it is that I love what I create and my work grows with each page I illustrate. I do have a gift for taking criticism and applying it when called for to recreate a piece. Art is subjective. Not everyone will like what you do...and that is okay.

As an artistic late bloomer, I am really trying to catch up with those I am now aligning my work with. I listen to professional feedback and continue to apply it. Some of the wisest words I have received were from an artist named Ruth Sanderson. Google her work. Her art transcends generations. It has a renaissance feel with a modern day spin. Her stories are wonderful. I love them and so do my boys. It is easy to get lost in her art though. I remember hearing her talk at a conference. Some of her work would take 6 mos to complete one page. Art doesn't have to be rushed. She is a prime example of it. Receiving one of her books is similar to receiving an art gallery that fits in your hands. 
A few years ago, she briefly looked over my portfolio. She wasn't impressed. I was not in the same genre. She told me to look at grass outside and asked, "Is it always green?" My palette consisted of mostly primary. Where was my depth? It was these words that I have pondered over in the last two years. Her words made me aware of backgrounds. Sure, grass is green; it is also yellow, blue, purple, grey, and more depending on lighting and the condition of the grass. I still paint my grass green, but in varieties of green. I add all the above colors to it and more. 
Onto my latest piece that I am working on. It is a page from my Any the Ant story. He loses his way as he becomes lost in the beauty of his surroundings. He stops to smell the flowers. His Ant family continues to march on and away.
 Below is the newest piece that I am working on. This piece conveys the cause of the crisis of the story. Will Andy be able to find his way?
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