This is my journey in creating concepts, writing, illustrating, finding a literary agent, and becoming a published children's book author and illustrator for the picture book genre.

Monday, January 11, 2016

the learning curve of illustration

Time has gone by and I have been quite a busy bee, but my job hunt hasn't been nearly as kind. I am still subbing at the school where my children attend, but it isn't a regular deal. The resumes continue to go out. Even in the lapse of ongoing employment, my artistic endeavors seem to keep me busy.
I am exploring a new style of illustration. I am working with Thortful, an online greeting card company based in England. Please visit them and my gallery at if you are interested in my artwork for your thank you notes and more. They have offered guidance and advice to encourage my style to target that market. While working with them, I have created some new illustrations for the greeting card line. Below are an example of three pieces that I have created. These have been created in water color.
I think the hardest task was putting text to the art. My earlier pieces that I used from my portfolio
were created with story text.
I am a children's book artist and author, That is where my head goes. Unfortunately, that doesn't sell cards. My task was to create a moment. That is where I continue to work at this time. I want to bring some more diversity to my art, too.I am trying out some new perspectives, characters, and interactions.
Here is another piece that I recently created using colored pencil. You may see a lot of dogs in my art. Well, I have two dogs; both shelter dogs. They are great models and inspiration for my artwork.
My artwork has also been used for a local rescue group's apparel line. I volunteer my time and artwork to help rescue and raise money for the dogs by creating apparel illustrations and media marketing materials. Below are some examples of my illustrative contributions. 
Over the next couple days, I will be updating my portfolio to reflect the changes I have made to my art and the direction I am taking it. I am still a children's book illustrator and author working towards the goal of traditional publishing. Throughout my journey, I have had a super hero of sorts by my side. He was my copy editor and personal cheerleader. A little over a month ago he passed away. I still struggle with his passing and have a hard time conveying the pain I feel at the loss of his presence in my life and journey. Many had words to share, I could only create an illustration. Gerald Zepeda of has passed on and I truly miss him. Below is my tribute to him. He encouraged me to embrace my dream. He would edit for me on a moment's notice. I had always imagined that this road I traveled would include him . It did for a few years, but now I travel without him. Fare thee well, friend. Thank you for your support, friendship, exchange of words, and more. Every time I evaluate my grammar, sentence structures, use of tenses, love of the hated adverb, and my inept inability to write about myself and my accomplishments, I will remember you. What would Gerald say? What words of encouragement would he lend? 

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