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Thursday, March 20, 2014

The prep work continues...

My illustrator cards- front and back and my business cards.
the labels for the conference
Well, it is here. These are the best illustrator cards that I have had yet. Mind you, this is my third set. The first set was more of a practice, first-time thing. They were pretty, but not the quality I now use. This field is really a trial and error process. I am constantly googling portfolio and illustrator card info. The best resources have been from established illustrators that share their experiences with me. I love my new card. It is oversized, thick cardstock, glossy, and VIBRANT! The colors just look so pretty on my cards. I purposely made the card to be horizontal on one side and vertical on the other.  I have also had labels made. 
An illustrator presented take away copies that included a bio and 5 illustrations on the page. This is a great idea that I may also use. It is so hard to know what to expect at a conference and how many materials to bring. In preparation for the conference, I have also ordered business cards. One can never be too prepared.Why so much? Well, I am unsure as what to expect. I am a pre-published illustrator and will be presenting in the galleries for Illustrator day and Springmingle weekend in Atlanta. It is a 3 day event. The WIK conference was a one day event. I went through 26 cards then. My portfolio was more rookie than it is today. Since the conference, I have incorporated new techniques into my art. I now use a Wacom tablet when editing, too.

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