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Friday, November 8, 2013

the to-do list

the to-do list is huge. Artistic ability comes with a clean house for me. I now have a wacom 3 intuous tablet and am very excited to see what it can do. On my desk, I have illustrations that inspire me. I have 5 Serendipity books, my Emily post books for adults and kids, books on illustrations of faeries and other forest creatures, and my collection of SCBWI magazines. So, before I begin with the art, I must first clean the house. Then I am going to fix my domain to a server with a dear friend, Ray Hill's help. Watch out, world. I am learning from you and my aspirations are still huge. They say it takes a village...Well, yes. I concur. My mom is huge support of my aspirations.  My mother in law, Vicki, is a constant inspiration and huge support, My husband who placates my need to share every doodle or story idea. A mentor of sorts that has no idea that he is that to me whom resides in my state. He offers critiques that inspire and help me expand the way I view my artistic world. Then there are the friends. Without them, I would be lost. I have never been one for accepting support, but I have learned that nothing is ever completed to its fullest potential independently. It takes a village. I love my village. Thank you, Village.

Still aspiring,
Cassaundra Dunbridge

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