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Sunday, November 3, 2013


Well, SCBWI has had an overhaul done on the webpage. It is beautiful, user friendly, and engaging-unless you are an illustrator. The illustrator gallery took a short term nose dive. Illustrations from a year or more ago have found their return to the gallery after deletions while my latest work has made an exit. I am unable to download any illustrations or organize them. In the short term, please disregard this site as an example of my work for the time being. Those in charge have graciously emailed and advised me that the glitches will be sorted out in a week. The conference is New York has taken priority. This is very understandable.  SCBWI holds two extravagant conferences in LA and NY. I hope to attend these in the foreseeable future. I will post an update when the gallery is back to working order. Thank you all for your patience. My online portfolio is available through this site if you wish to peruse. The new SCBWI site is beautiful and I am very excited for all the new changes. With change comes some hiccups. IF you love children's literature and illustrations, check out this site. I love being a member!
As for the NY conference, I will not be attending it this year, but I hope to attend the conference in Georgia at the end of March!

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