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Saturday, May 11, 2013

The curse of the perfectionist.

Yes, I have that curse. I write, rewrite, write some more. I just sent out the new revision of my Andy story with several rewrites. My characters are different from the original. I do hope to bring back my red fish, Claire, in another Andy story. I recently finished a double page illustration that took hours to finish. It also includes a small song that I wrote. After finally completing this illustration, my first impulse was to throw it all away. I know, silly. But seriously, haven't you ever looked at something you finished and think how you could make it better if you did this and that...Yeah. Well, for now, I will leave it alone. I am going to put a pic of the double page in this entry for y'all. Please forgive its crudeness as I am using my phone to capture it.

I have emailed my fabulous critique group my newest and latest manuscript. The good news is that it is under 400 words. That is important in my genre focus. I think it would be considered an easy reader, but will have to do a little more research. I am very proud of it. Pending the outcome of my critique group and the super hero, I think it will be time to get this out and query the agents again. I currently have 7 completed illustrations and the rest sketched out in a rough dummy. I still have a couple of months before I find anything out about that much needed award and grant. I have a 10 year old computer that doesn't handle photoshop and a serious lack of printer/ scanner. I need to update my technology. When I hear back from the ladies, I will write about that outcome and post some pictures! Thank you, for following!

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