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Sunday, March 10, 2013

starting another page....
sketching away...

Now to add some color and a little bit of color. This is my favorite part!Color above is just the base. I detail after the illustration color is finished.
the stem detail took a lot longer than I anticipated...So much work to do. 
The mushroom top took 5 different paint colors and 3 brushes to get the texture I was looking for. This was my first attempt at illustrating a mushroom. Just like I imagined it! Tomorrow, I will try to finish this page. Goodnight! I will continue to add the progressive pics tomorrow to this post.
The clover is taking longer than I expected...but it is adding the whimsical touch that I am looking for.
And this page is done. That took a lot longer than anticipated. I am sure I will find some more little  areas that  need a little extra detail.

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