This is my journey in creating concepts, writing, illustrating, finding a literary agent, and becoming a published children's book author and illustrator for the picture book genre.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

just creating....
Well, back to the drawing board...literally. I have been working on illustrations. I am just drawing. I am creating illustrations that have nothing to do with my story except for the character. I need to build more on my character. I have never had an art class outside of what was mandatory in eighth grade. Considering my lack of experience in this area, I think I may be on to something. Here is another illustration that I worked on today.
I have also contacted the local critique group here in Columbia. I am hoping to meet others with similar interest in writing. I still have a little story and want to share it.
Still aspiring. Still want to help educate our little ones in social etiquette through the use of children's books. Still trying. I need to find someone who shares my passion and eye. This last journey taught me a lot. I now have a bio and cover letter to accompany my query. Tonight, I am picking up first grade sight words to help my work become an early reader story instead of a read-aloud style. New challenge and I am ready!

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