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Friday, November 9, 2012

ambition will get you far.

The life of this author is still an adventure. I am so fortunate at the love of my 3 boys and unending support and wisdom from my husband. Today was the first day that I received a response back that wasn't a generated response from an agency. This agency is pretty spectacular. When I submitted, I knew it was going to be a long shot. In my Agent and Publisher Book from SWCBI book, this agency took query submissions during the first week of the month only. The submission guidelines on the website stated that they were closed and not accepting. Submissions were accepted by invitation only.
Well, what does this girl have to lose? I submitted. As I have told my boys, "If you don't ask, how will you know?" To my surprise, a kind response came back with in hours. It wasn't a "no" and it wasn't a computer generated response.  A real person responded to my email.
Today, I have learned a valuable lesson. Don't give up on your dreams.  They are worth fighting for. I am still aspiring...for now.

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